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may_lily: (Double Rei)
Saturday, May 17th, 2014 01:38 pm
So I go to ballet class this morning, thinking this'll be a normal day

and I come back a couple of hours later

to learn that Viz is re-releasing the old Sailor Moon anime, with a new dub

starting THIS WEEK


I just can't even fathom this.

(It's probably US-only for the time being, but whatever, I'll work something out)
may_lily: (Hmm...)
Saturday, January 24th, 2009 09:21 am
I did a lot of googling last night. If you're familiar with Sailor Moon, you'll know that in the fifth season the Sailor Starlights appear: Seiya Kou, Yaten Kou, and Taiki Kou. I've often wondered why they were given these names. I came across a website a long time ago which suggested that they were named after some sort of astronomical phenomena, but it didn't go into detail, and I was never able to find any further information.

However! Yesterday I found the Japanese Wikipedia page for yatenkou. It turns out that yatenkou refers to the fact that the night sky is never completely dark, and there are three main factors contributing to this: taikikou, koudoukou, and seiyakou. Unfortunately, only one of these led to its own page, which in turn led to the English page: koudoukou (zodiacal light, a kind of scattered sunlight). Which wasn't very helpful!

It took quite a bit of googling, but I finally decided that yatenkou referred to sky brightness. Sky brightness is sometimes also called skyglow, although that usually refers to a kind of light pollution that makes a dome of light over cities. On the 'sky brightness' page is a table listing the contributions to sky brightness: airglow, zodiacal light, and scattered starlight. Airglow, according to Wikipedia, is 'the very weak emission of light by the Earth's atmosphere'. I think it's sometimes called the 'permanent aurora'.

So it seems to me that Seiya Kou = scattered starlight, Yaten Kou = sky brightness, and Taiki Kou = airglow. If I were to give them English names, I might go with something like Star Glow, Sky Glow and Air Glow. Or if the surnames should be different, maybe Star Shine, Sky Bright and Air Glow. I really do think about this too much...

I did wonder why the third factor, zodiacal light, wasn't a character. Maybe Koudou just isn't a good name. It occurred to me that Princess Kakyuu might represent that, but no, she's definitely a fireball meteoroid.