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may_lily: (Snow White)
Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 07:15 pm
From my tumblr.

There’s some interesting meta to be found in the premise of Ever After High. The stories are required to be repeated over and over by the descendants of the characters, regardless of what the people involved actually want. It reminds me of the idea many have of ‘being true to the original stories’ - unaware of the incredible variation that the ‘original’ stories have.

It’s appropriate that the Grimm brothers (or one of them at least) should be pushing so hard for the stories to stay the same, since the Grimms (along with Perrault) solidified what most today think of as the ‘real’ stories. Of course, the Grimms themselves were not so rigid. Probably the most well known changes to the ‘originals’ are Snow White’s mother becoming her stepmother and Rapunzel’s prince’s visits being discovered because of her pregnancy. It was the Grimms who chose to make those changes in later editions of their book. In the first edition they also summarised numerous variations to the tales.

That said, I am a bit tired of the Grimms always being the fairy tale guys in adaptions like this. Could we have Madame d’Aulnoy as a teacher, pretty please?

Though I doubt it was intentional, Apple White’s hair being blonde is a good example of how the ‘original’ stories aren’t so original after all. Right from the first published version, Snow White’s hair was well known for being ebony black. But in the unpublished 1806 version, she was blonde! So is Apple’s hair a creative change, or being ‘true to the original’? It’s both!

I love the idea that Raven is going to shake up Fairy Tale Land by going against her destiny. Fairy tales are supposed to change and be retold, and it’s the Headmaster Grimms who insist that they can only be told one way that are missing the point.