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I saw Maleficent

One thing I wish they'd done in Maleficent...

is not have her original name be Maleficent. It's a word with a meaning ('doing evil') and it doesn't make sense for it to be the name of this perfectly nice fairy girl. It could have been a name the humans gave her, or one she chose for herself after being betrayed, but as it is it doesn't make sense.

I also REALLY wish they'd done more with Aurora's mother. How did she feel about the curse and her daughter being taken away? What if Maleficent had tried, for Aurora's sake, to heal her after she became ill? That would have been lovely.

Still, I really enjoyed the movie overall. I found it a really intriguing take on the Wicked Fairy of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, and I'm completely shipping Maleficent/Aurora.
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Yes, this! I mean really, Hi, my name is Evil Doer the Blissful, every fairy creature's friend! Won't you stay for dinner? 9_9 It's not hard to have her change her name in response to getting her wings stolen. Princess Luna can change her name to Nightmare Moon and back, Darth Vader was Anakin Skywalker, it's not like the concept isn't hard to grasp, that it would be breaking new ground and that the kids would get confused. *blegh*

Oh, and for muffin's sake, everyone is an orphan now? You're an orphan? Wow, me too! And me three! Whee!

Otherwise, Maleficent being the purveyor of Love's True Kiss was totally believable and, well, you could see that it was coming. 8^)

Still, I only give it a 7/10.
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Yes, your headcanon take on it would make more sense. ^_^