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may_lily ([personal profile] may_lily) wrote2014-05-23 09:18 am

The Cat Princess

(from my tumblr; content note for mutilation in some of the links)

I’ve found four more Icelandic versions of Kisa the Cat! It’s a heck of a lot easier to Google Translate these than the scan of the old book I found before.

Kisa kóngsdóttir og Ingibjörg systir hennar: this one seems more or less the same as the one I found before.

Sagan af Kisu kóngsdóttur: this one has yellow and red fish, not white and black, and doesn’t include the reincarnation backstory.

Kisa og Dagbjört kóngsdætur: there doesn’t appear to be any mutilation in this one, and once again there’s no reincarnation.

Missögn af Kisu kóngsdóttur: this one seems to be unrelated to the others. A queen has two daughters and curses one of them to be a cat. In the end, the human daughter is marrying a prince and insists his brother should marry the cat, which breaks the curse. The ending reminds me of Tatterhood.