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may_lily ([personal profile] may_lily) wrote2013-12-30 06:28 pm

Sisters in fairy tales

From my tumblr.

Inspired by a quote from the Frozen artbook, I wanted to make a list of the fairy tales I know that feature sisters and stepsisters with good relationships.

Tatterhood. There’s a lovely comic adaption of this one.
Kate Crackernuts
The Ungrateful Dwarf
Snow White and Rose Red (which was based on The Ungrateful Dwarf)
The Good Woman (Four and Twenty Fairy Tales page 203)
Biancabella and the Snake (content note for mutilation)
Adamantina and the Doll (content note for scatological humour)

And a couple of honourable mentions:

Kisa the Cat (content note for mutilation). In Lang’s version the main characters aren’t sisters, but it appears that they are in this Icelandic version (although I’ve only been able to read it with google translate). The story bears some resemblance to Biancabella and the Snake.
Fairer than a Fairy (Four and Twenty Fairy Tales page 183). The two princesses aren’t sisters but they become great friends, and do become family by the end.

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