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Cinderella the Troll

From my tumblr.

In the Aarne-Thompson classification system Cinderella is also known as the Persecuted Heroine. But just occasionally Cinderella is barely persecuted at all.

In Thomas Crane’s version of Cinderella, from Italian Popular Tales, Cinderella has a pretty good home life. Her sisters are somewhat mean to her and give her the nickname Cinderella, but it’s because she likes staying by the chimney, not because she’s forced to. Her father buys gifts for all three of his daughters without forgetting Cinderella. They don’t try to prevent her from going to the ball; she says she doesn’t want to. In fact, as the balls progress, the sisters try really hard to persuade Cinderella to come!

Why does she trick her family in this way? The story doesn’t say. It comes off to me like she’s doing it all for the lulz - pretending to her family to be just a dirty ash-girl, and shocking them when she reveals herself to be a beautiful lady that the king loves!

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