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Regina and Persinette

I've started watching Once Upon A Time with my mum. We missed the first season, and we're behind the US - just up to episode 10. Over the last couple of episodes, it's seemed to me that there are similarities between Regina and the fairy/witch of Persinette/Rapunzel.

Charlotte-Rose de la Force's Persinette goes into more detail about the fairy's character than the Grimms' Rapunzel. She's obsessed with being a mother and unwilling to share her daughter's attention with anyone else. She's prepared to take a baby from her parents and never lets them see her again. When Persinette is twelve, she locks her up in a tower so that the fairy is the only person she will ever see. When she discovers Persinette's pregnancy, she sends her away to a rustic hut to have her babies. She hurts the prince, but gives Persinette everything she needs to survive, even without the comforts of the tower. Unlike Rapunzel's witch, who abandons her forever, Persinette's fairy punishes her but does not abandon her.

Regina loves her son Henry and doesn't like seeing him get close to his other family: Emma, Snow White and Charming. She's willing to lie to him, to scheme, and even to kill others to ensure his safety and keep his good opinion of her. The more she seems to be losing him, the more I can imagine her acting like Persinette's fairy. The fairy locked Persinette in the tower and then sent her to the isolated hut regardless of her wishes. I could easily see Regina reaching the point of kidnapping and locking away Henry, sacrificing his love as long as he stays with her.

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