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may_lily ([personal profile] may_lily) wrote2013-04-07 12:57 pm

Sun, Moon and Talia

From my tumblr.

Sun, Moon and Talia is the only one of Basile’s fairy tales to get mentioned in those ‘how fairy tales really ended!’ lists. ‘Sleeping Beauty wasn’t kissed, she was raped!’

No one talks about how Puss in Boots was female, didn’t kill an ogre and pretended to be dead to test the boy’s loyalty. We rarely get told how Rapunzel/Petrosinella didn’t get a haircut, stole the witch’s magic and got her (the witch) eaten by a wolf. Aschenputtel’s sisters cutting up their feet get brought up a lot (never mind that it was published over a century after Cendrillon) but where’s Cenerentola murdering her first stepmother?

But rape is just so titillating, isn’t it? To be perfectly honest, I believe that’s why Sun, Moon and Talia is remembered when all the others aren’t. Sex, especially non-consensual sex, is so much more interesting than boring old heroines having adventures.

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