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may_lily ([personal profile] may_lily) wrote2013-03-24 09:10 am

Starkid's Twisted

I want to be excited about Team Starkid's take on Aladdin, Twisted. It ought to be just my cup of tea. But...

Starkid keeps making shows starring men. Harry Potter and Starship did well with good female roles, but Batman didn't. And here's a show based on a fairy tale about a male hero, and they're focusing on the male villain. (Hear that, Mr. There-Aren't-Enough-Male-Fairy-Tale-Heroes?)

Their 'Twisted' logo is pretty clearly based on Wicked. And I keep thinking about how Wicked was based on a book series about women, and was itself about the relationship between two women. (As an aside, Wicked is finally coming to my country, and I can't wait!)

Plus, they're explicitly basing it on the Disney version. Disney removed Aladdin's mother, and chose not to include the princess's mother (I can't remember if she appeared in the story, but IIRC she does play a role in many pantomime adaptions).

And then there's the fact that they're a troupe of mostly white people making a show based on a fairy tale set in China/a movie set in the Middle East.

I'm sure it'll be enjoyable. But I just keep thinking, it could be so much more.

(I do seem to be disappointed about Disney overshadowing earlier versions lately...)

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